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Here come the hurricanes…

Hurricane season officially begins in Texas on June 1 and runs through the end of November, typically with peak activity in August and September.


Although residents of coastal areas are most at risk, tropical storm systems can travel hundreds of miles inland, creating the potential for wind damage and flash flooding throughout the state.


Here is a link to the Texas Department of insurance with tips on how to prepare for hurricane season. Use these tips as an excuse to contact your clients and make sure they’re prepared.


High Risk Property Warnings

States leading the way in the “very high” category for total potential exposure to wildfire damage are Colorado ($15.2 billion) and California (13 billion.) Texas follows in third place with $6.3 billion, Arizona $1.2 billion and New Mexico at $1.18 billion. While California had $65.4 billion worth of property in the “high” category, Texas followed with $46 billion.  Additionally, Texas reached another new high by paying out $16.9 billion for claims resulting from tornado/thunderstorms/hail catastrophes for the 2000-2013 period.

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